Rory Friers from ASIWYFA releases ‘Mend And Make Safe’ remix as Thrash Hat


Invariably trotting the globe wielding guitar and gusto as part of North Coast post-rock machine And So I Watch You From Afar, Rory Friers can also be found as found making electronic music as Thrash Hat. Having set beats to kill on debut track ‘Pandaface‘ back in August – thereby setting the ball in motion for a hugely disparate yet no less enthralling sonic path in the making – we’re pleased to premiere two new tracks from Friers, ‘Owkwerd’ and a remix of his band’s very ‘Mend and Make Safe’. Where the former effort’s glitchy, darkly unravelling majesty stirs with some wonderfully discriminating shapes and shifts, the latter re-imagining brilliantly warps the the ASIWYFA track almost beyond recognition, its propulsive, 8-bit-leaning finesse re-contextualising the triumphant glory of the original.

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(via The Thin Air)

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