Spread Music: Live Videos & Interview ASIWYFA in Montreal

" These guys are the real McCoy." - Sargent House 2013 Tour Lineup

And So I Watch You From Afar, also known as ASIWYFA, was formed late in 2005 and went through a couple of member changes. The current members are Jonathan Adger on Bass, Rory Friers on Guitar, Niall Kennedy on Guitar, and Chris Wee on drums.

I recently had the chance to witness one of their numerous live performances in Montreal when they were on tour with TTNG and Mylets. Being natural performers, they deliver a live experience that is as intense as it is organic. The raw beauty evocated through the fingertips of these musicians is something that can only be felt in person. They are truly exceptional people, and Big Things do Remarkable music. They give back to their local scene in grandiose ways and really offer up support to up and coming acts. They even let 100 Onces and I stay at their place when touring through Belfast. 

"These guys are really humble and talented guys who make super bomb music” – 100 Onces

I sat down with the guys in an interview to discuss their exploratory and fun-loving writing process, their different influences, the band’s unique sound, their future plans, and their numerous experimental jams. Listen in to the entire interview below.

Great guys, great tunes, and great shows.

Taken from an article on Spread Music.

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