THREE TRIANGLES IPA // A collaboration between ASIWYFA & Lacada Brewery.

A few months ago ASIWYFA teamed up with Lacada, a co-operative, community owned brewery on the North Coast of Ireland, who brew some of the best Irish beer. Lacada have a similar core philosophy of DIY self-sufficieny and had the idea to create a beer that encapsulated and complimented the songs on the new ASIWYFA album “The Endless Shimmering”, something that could be drank as you listened. A big fruity IPA would fit the bill perfectly (more notes below). ASIWYFA developed their own recipe with the master brewers at Lacada, and were there right through the process, from brew day to bottling and labelling the beer, and now its ready to be drank and so we give you, Three Triangles IPA and you can buy it here.

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